March Blog Brunch Questions for Personal Projects

Happy March! We feel Spring is right around the corner which makes this the perfect time of the year to talk about Personal Projects with you all this Saturday on Twitter at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. If you are confused about joining in refer to this post and also these tricks to make the most of the event with us! 

Before diving into the questions let’s make sure to define what a personal project is since we have had a lot of questions….

per·son·al proj·ect [n. pur-suh-nl proj-ekt, -ikt;]

I. a self-started project that reflects passion or interest that doesn’t necessarily make money, but feeds your creativity. Such projects can be used to advances skills, careers, community or readership.

As bloggers and creatives, we believe that our Personal Projects can craft many aspects of our life; including our blogs, living spaces and the relationships we cultivate with like-minded people (ahem, Brunchers). The road to seeing some of these project come to life can take minutes, hours or even years, but the lessons we learn are definitely worth sharing! This Saturday at Blog Brunch, we plan on diving into the big and little things that make our personal projects sink or swim! 

Here are the questions we’ll be serving up:

  1.  What rules or boundaries (if any) do you set for your own personal projects?
  2. Investing in Projects: How do you know how much to spend? How do you know if or when you should turn your project into a business?
  3. While brainstorming new projects, what impacts the direction you take? i.e. readership, money, self-discovery, career aspirations?
  4. What’s the most valuable thing you have learned from undertaking a project?
  5. How do you prioritize multiple projects AND juggle a full-time job?

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