Hot Tips on Webcasting via Katie Linendoll

Katie Linendoll is beyond talented and has a natural air about her that makes it virtually impossible to think she is anything but cool. We love how she makes being on camera feel so effortless and her method of creating entertaining on-air segments… so listen up future Webcasters, Katie Linendoll knows her stuff!

"Take advantage of video blogging resources!  It can be seriously painful to ask a friend film you and then 9 tries later its still not a keeper.  Use a gadget like Swivl that will be your personal cameraman.  You simply place your device in the cradle, wear the Swivl marker and the device will follow you.  Awesome!"

"I don’t care how well you know the content if you are presenting material be diligent and make an outline.  Have a plan!"

"Any content can come across boring if you don’t pop it with your personality and share examples or stories.  People will remember those the most." 

For more on Katie Linendoll watch some of her videos, check out her YouTube or follow her on Twitter.

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